Mihai Tudose

Prime Minister of Romania

“Back in 2007, when Romania became a member of the EU, it assumed a trajectory designed to set the premises for dynamic perspectives of unhesitating development on all levels. Now, in 2017, the objectives set back then are ripe for picking. Therefore, a constructive perspective on EU’s future also means fully tapping into the potential of Member States, such as Romania. This potential relies on compelling capabilities, diverse resources, unwavering willingness and profound commitment towards further enhancing the EU project.

This is why Bucharest deserves to host the European Medicine Agency. Thanks to the steady pace of economic and societal progress, as well as to the promising economic projections, Romania enjoys the status of an attractive and favourable setting for EMA’s future operations. Bucharest provides accessible and growing infrastructure, modern headquarters, convenient family opportunities or  adequate healthcare facilities. This mix of advantages paves the way to further economic and social development in Bucharest and Romania, to the benefit of the EMA operations and its mission to safeguard the health of EU’s citizens. The speed and pace of Romania’s progress on all stages, ever since its accession to the EU, act as triggers to yield over time better results in achieving a high degree of convergence with EU’s prosperity.

Amid the current business climate and the promising expectations, I pledge with confidence for Bucharest as a friendly, cost-effective, and fitting option to relocate EMA. Having said that, the EMA and its staff will find in Romania and in Bucharest not only professional relocation solutions aimed to accommodate their needs, but also innovative, research and development oriented industries, as well as promising life science initiatives. Bucharest reconciles modern with classic, lively reputation with calm getaways, cost effectiveness with high living standards.

That is why, all the requirements in  place for the continuity and successful performance of EMA meet up in Bucharest. The Romanian Government is looking forward to cooperating in making this transition a success.”

Florian Bodog

Health Minister of Romania

“I am proud to propose Bucharest as the new home for the European Medicines Agency/EMA, giving assurance that the Ministry of Health is prepared to engage in a long term commitment with the EMA.

The Government of Romania and the Ministry of Health are determined to provide all their support to offer the EMA a pleasant and welcoming home, not only for the benefit of the Agency, but also for its staff and their families.

I am confident that EMA’s relocation to Bucharest will prove a mutually beneficial step for both the European Agency and Romania, particularly so as Romania has never hosted an EU level institution.

I am also convinced that Romania`s strong tradition in medicine and pharmacy will bring additional value to the work of the European Medicines Agency.

Romania is strongly committed to turn its candidacy for the relocation of the European Medicines Agency/EMA into a positive outcome. Romania truly deserves this constructive institutional development, which would allow for its increased contribution to the achievement of EU political objectives, acting in the best interest of the EU and its citizens.

In this regard, to support the relocation of experts and their families to Romania, it is the intention of the Ministry of Health to establish an operational Department of Support Relocation Services (DSRS).

Thus, Romania’s candidacy highly responds to the need of ensuring cost-effectiveness of the relocation process, as well as optimizing administrative costs at EU level.”

Gabriela Firea

General Mayor of Bucharest

“The relocation of the European Medicine Agency to the Capital of Romania would be both an honour for the administration and the citizens of Bucharest and an opportunity for the European institution.

In addition to meeting all requirements at the present time, our plans for Bucharest’s development mainly with regard to urban mobility and infrastructure utilities, soon be carried into effect, confer high attractivity to this project.

We will be glad to host all EMA’s employees and their families in a friendly and safe city, with a vivacious cultural life and numerous leisure time opportunities.

For a city in rapid urban and environmental progress such as ours, hosting the EMA will be a symbolic sign in this direction and an encouragement for our efforts towards bringing Bucharest in line with the other European capital cities.”

Nicolae Fotin

President of the Romanian National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices

Such positive experience as the European Medicines Agency should   and needs to be shared among all Member States, so that others could benefit from this exceptional knowledge and improve their own capacity to operate and develop in the interest of  EU citizens . In this respect, both the Romanian Government and the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices are eager to be part of EMA’s relocation to a new home, which, in our case, is Bucharest.

As I already stated, one of the Romanian Agency’s goals is to be an active member in all of EMA’s activities and we are committed to assure our colleagues of our effective support in order to properly continue their work.

Hosting the European Medicines Agency, will be a significant moment of positive changes that will occure in our city’s life. We will do all it takes in order to create and capitalize on every opportunities both for our country and European co-citizens’ benefit.