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Find your dream job in Bucharest

Bucharest offers the largest market in the country, in a dynamic and diverse business environment with soaring competitiveness indicators.

At the end of 2016, there were 150,000 foreign nationals working for multinational corporations, consulting companies or international law firms in Romania.

Preserving privileges and immunities

Upon a final decision regarding the future location of the European Medicines Agency, Romania is committed to other possible complementary provisions to Protocol 7 of the Treaties, in a headquarters agreement specifying the detailed provisions with regard to the application of the protocol.

Safe environment, smiling people

Enjoy Bucharest to its full as one of the safest cities in Europe to live and work, with one of the lowest criminality rate in the EU (<1%/100,000 inhabitants).

Safety and security is maintained at high standards, as reflected in Romanian citizens’ perception. The level of terrorist alert is Blue-Caution.

According to the EB-86 Standard Eurobarometer, published in November 2016, the population of ROMANIA perceives as low the risk to national security, referring to the main indicators, namely criminality, immigration and terrorism.

Comprehensive healthcare services

Romania offers the benefits of a universal healthcare system, guaranteeing access to free emergency care and free choice of medical providers.

Bucharest has a high concentration of both public and private healthcare facilities, providing for excellent comprehensive and high-quality services, along with one of the top European emergency rescue service: the SMURD.

• 51 public hospitals, counting 20,331 beds in total
– 2 university hospitals,
– 20 medical institutes
– 13 emergency hospitals,

• 12 private hospitals and hundreds of private clinics and labs
• over 2,894 dental clinics.
Romania ranks first in Europe in terms of telemedicine. The national telemedicine network includes two command centres, at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest and Clinical Emergency Hospital of Târgu
Mureș and 56 hospitals all over the country.

The capital city offers excellent public childcare facilities such as paediatric Hospitals-Marie Curie and Grigore Alexandrescu, alongside with specialized departments for paediatric care within each public hospital in the capital.

Prices for private healthcare in Romania are highly competitive with an average cost of treatment less than half of the cost of treatment alone in many EU countries.