A smart Agency in a vivid European city

Romania is ready to go the extra mile to ensure EMA a smooth transition.

Bucharest offers safe and excellent working and living conditions in an open, friendly and diverse environment. Well-connected and accessible, Bucharest serves as the economic, political and social hub of Romania.

With state-of-the-art premises, good logistics and proven record of field expertise, EMA’s efficient continuation of operations could only be a natural transition to a new, safe and welcoming EU capital with high development perspectives.

Romania’s candidacy provides a smooth, cost-effective relocation process, while optimising administrative costs at EU level.

Fast forward to Bucharest

Bucharest is a city interconnected with the world. There are non-stop flights from Bucharest to most European cities and the Middle-East as well as connecting flights to the United States, Canada,  Australia and New Zealand through various European and Middle Eastern Hubs.

Henri Coandă International Airport is one of the most modern airports in Eastern Europe and the largest airport in Romania. It is located at just 18 km (11 miles) from downtown Bucharest. Take a taxi, the express bus or train. A quick ride from the airport and you are home.

Better quality
Efficient affordable living space

The cost of living in Bucharest is approximately 50% lower than in other EU major cities (Vienna, London, Berlin, Paris) and at least 12% cheaper than in other regional capitals (Prague, Warsaw or Budapest).

In just few European cities can one find affordable houses as in Bucharest. A big window apartment or a cozy studio? Just browse the offers and feel free to take advantage! On average, a 120 sqm apartment can be rented for 950 euros per month and a 70 sqm apartment, for 550 euros per month.

Hotels concentration

To ease experts’ or delegates’ travel experience, Bucharest offers over 140 hotels from exclusive to mid-range and 10,371 hotel rooms, at competitive prices.

Second cheapest office rental rate in the EU – 18 Euros/sqm.