Testimonial from Aadrian Kooy

General Manager Novartis Pharma Romania

I am Dutch by nationality and recently moved from Switzerland to Bucharest for the role of General Manager Novartis Pharma Romania Srl with my family. In my personal capacity, I am happy to share the experience we have had in Bucharest. As with many new things in life, we were curious to learn more about the place we were about to live in, especially from the stories we heard. The warm welcome from the local population upon our arrival early this year and the support to settle in was an extraordinary experience, far from what we would have expected at first.
The good experience remained for us until today as we quickly found our way around in the vibrant city of Bucharest and beautiful surroundings. The international educational system in which I enrolled my children was of very high quality. Finding good accommodation was not difficult, since there are plenty of new and ultra-modern buildings built in Bucharest, securing the highest living standards. The city is full of cultural events and plenty of exciting things happening every weekend: outdoor events, concerts, spectacles, gallery openings. The parks in Bucharest are unprecedented and not to forget the variety of restaurants and bars.
For all purposes, it was great to learn that the local community speaks English very well and the general level of education is extremely high. One of Bucharest best kept secrets is that it is among the safest places to life in Europe today.
In conclusion, Bucharest has surpassed my expectations as one of Europa’s best places to live.