Open letter to EMA staff

Bucharest, the city you will surely fall in love with

We, the Romanian Association of International Medicine Producers (ARPIM), reuniting 29 pharmaceutical companies, producers of innovative medicines, enthusiastically support Bucharest’s bid to host the European Medicines Agency. And we have many reasons to do so.
Bucharest for EMA is a good deal for everybody: the EMA staff, the European industry and research sectors, and for Europe as a whole. The decision to choose Bucharest as new EMA headquarters will bring benefits to all those involved in the process and has the potential to become an EU success story. But most of all, it will work for each one of you!
It is said that when you come to Bucharest, you cry twice. First when you’re told you have to come here. And then, when you’re told you must leave.
Bucharest is a striking destination for anyone, including for all those like us, who call it our home. For the past two decades, the city has been through major transformations and it is now a cosmopolitan European city. With a population exceeding 2 million, it is the 6th largest metropolis in the EU and of the safest cities in Europe.

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