Testimonial from Brian Soldavini

Finance Manager Roche Romania

I was born and raised in California. In my life I have travelled extensively through Europe as a teenager with a backpack, and as an adult with a suitcase. Before moving to Romania 6 months ago I was fortunate enough to live and work in Basel Switzerland for 3 years.
As a non-European I had no expectations about Romania. When I told my friends from Western Europe that I was moving to Romania they all looked at me with concern. So when I arrived in Bucharest I was unsure if I had made the right decision to move to Romania, but I quickly learned that all of my concerns were completely unfounded. After 6 months of living and working in Bucharest I believe my decision to come to Romania was one of the best I have ever made.
The people in Romania are friendly and very eager to help. This is true for the people in the office, on the street, and in the supermarket. Despite Bucharest’s size, it is a very safe place. Almost every day I walk to work through a large park, and I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable on my walks no matter the time of day.
A German friend of mine who lives in Switzerland recently visited. During her visit she was constantly amazed at the quality of the restaurants and shops in Bucharest and Brasov (similar to the rest of Europe). We drove to Bran Castle from Bucharest and she was overwhelmed (and surprised) by the beauty of the Transylvanian Alps and the towns that are along the road. At the end of her visit she said she wished she had visited sooner, and she is already planning her next visit.
In my opinion Romania is the best kept secret in Europe. It is safe, friendly, historic, beautiful, and makes some of the best food and wine I have ever tasted. My spouse thinks this is one of the best places we have ever lived.