Testimonial from Martine Draullette

General Manager Roche Romania

The first striking thing when you arrive in Bucharest is that you feel like in any other European city!

Integration is very easy, people have excellent English language skills, from the taxi driver to the cashier in the supermarket. Then, after a couple of weeks already, you start realizing that life is much easier than in Paris: less traffic jams, proximity supermarkets opened from 7 am to 11 pm, much cheaper cost of living.

I am walking from home to office every day 3 km each way, even very early or late, I always feel very secure, in 2 years’ time I have not seen any single aggressive behavior in the street.

I have started again playing tennis because access to sport facilities and trainer is easier. My husband is retired and he enjoys also life in Bucharest: he is going to our gym club every day and enjoys swimming, being alone in his lane!

We both have started Romanian lessons, this is where we are struggling most! We are going back to France once every two months to see our children and relatives, we are so happy when we are back here. We feel like home now in Bucharest and strangers in Paris!