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A member of the EU for 10 years already, a strong and reliable pro-European Member State, profoundly attached to EU values and principles.

The 7th largest state in the EU, Romania is a multicultural country open to ethnic, religious and gender diversity, a welcoming home in Eastern Europe to live and work safely.

Enjoying a stable and reliable macroeconomic outlook, Romania ranks first in the EU in economic growth (5.7%), approximately twice the EU average (2.4%).
Romania offers attractive conditions for Foreign Direct Investments in a thriving economy that generates new jobs at a sustained pace, due to its highly skilled and innovative citizens.
Total Area: 238,397 Km2
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Capital and largest city: Bucharest
Currency: Leu

Bucharest main

With a population of almost 2 million inhabitants, Bucharest, the capital city, is the 6th largest city in the European Union, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris; well-connected and  accessible, serves as the economic, political and social hub of Romania.

• Long standing tradition in medicine and pharmacy
• Multicultural university centre
• High skilled professionals
• Secure life for EMA staff, families and children
• High living standards at affordable costs
• Excellent rental and affordable amenities
• Excellent IT&C
• A great mix of cultural life and entertainment
• Continental climate with sunny days

State-of-the-art offices for EMA

The integrated campus project perfectly balances office space, retail and other supporting amenities. The project effortlessly brings in a new facility concept combining high-tech and environmentally friendly features, green areas and a dedicated commercial space interspersed with dwelling areas.
The new state-of-the-art building is located in the Northern part of the city, at the heart of Bucharest’s most dynamic business area.
• Energy Efficiency: the technical and legal characteristics of the building according to Green Buildings standards – BREEAM Excellent.
• No other office space development in Bucharest balances work and life as clearly as the modern concept proposed for the EMA.
• Residential complex within walking distance, with more than 400 dwellings to rent or buy.
• Childcare facilities, kindergarten and after-school.
• The largest spa and gym facility in Bucharest.
• Employment opportunities nearby.
Campus characteristics
88,000 sqm Gross Lettable Area
2,400 sqm floor size
12-floor dedicated EMA building
27,431 sqm rentable area
320 employee floor efficiency
3,000 sqm retail gallery
Outstanding IT&C infrastructure
720 seat conference center

Hotel accomodation
nearby the EMA

Several 4-star hotels with a total of 606 rooms available at about 5-15 minutes’ walking distance from the office building. New hotels are also under construction in the area.

Nearby facilities

A short journey west of the property lies Promenada Mall, a 36,000 sqm shopping center catering to the needs of the individuals working in the area.

Adequate standards
and architecture

The entire building uses modern systems combining high-performance and easy maintenance, with adequate standards and architecture.

– 24h/7 days security and safety
– Best quality of communication and internet services
– Green Certification
– Energy savings
– High performance solar control panes with advanced thermal

Ready access to the office building

A metro station is available right in front of the property and the Romanian Government is only 3 metro stops away. The EMA building is also accessible by both car and above-ground public  transportation. Moreover, a special bus line is envisaged for EMA transportation purposes. The Campus also enjoys sustainable and green commute options, offering secure bike storage, changing rooms and lockers.

Strong communications

Bucharest’s NetCity project, the underground infrastructure for optic fibre, is an innovative project and one of the largest investments made in city’s communications infrastructure. The wide spread of optic fibre networks, provides reliable internet access and high performance data transmission, ranking Romania first in the EU on internet capacity as of the end of 2016.

There are also four mobile communication providers with national coverage. All of them have 100% coverage over the city with state-of-the-art 3G and 4G technologies such as HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE and LTE Advanced, providing sustained high data transfer rates.

Romania has already started preparing for 5G, which will add increased transfer capacity and wider range of services.

Internet fees do not exceed 11 EUR/month for services with speeds up to 1000 Mbps through optic fibre.

Voice and data services fees range between 2 EUR/month and 9 EUR/month per device.